How can we think theologically about coming back together in-person? When it comes to reopening schools, churches, and workplaces, What would Jesus do?

Christian thinking about critical issues. Critical thinking about Christian Leadership.

Vignette #1

Mark A. Miller is a professor at Drew Theological School who teaches at Yale’s Institute of Sacred Music. He’s affiliated with the school I serve, Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School, and recently he sent me the most extraordinary news clip:

A sermon preached in Yale Divinity School’s daily Marquand Chapel service, Friday 9.3.2021, first week of the fall semester

  1. I am angry at Covid-19, but as a virus, it’s really just doing its job. …

What does that mean, and what has to change?

What follows is the introduction to a workbook for congregations emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic into a different world. The workbook will be available for download later this summer. Note: this ‘blog is entering its summer recess and will return August 13.

Thoughts on Leadership for the Critical-Thinking Christian

Christian thinking about critical issues; critical thinking about Christian leadership.

Sarah B. Drummond

Sarah Birmingham Drummond is Founding Dean of Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School and teaches and writes on the topic of ministerial leadership.

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